Remote Security Assessment System

In today’s dynamic cybersecurity landscape, organizations face increasing scrutiny. NSFOCUS RSAS provides comprehensive vulnerability detection, expert security analysis, and actionable remediation guidance to safeguard your critical data assets and meet compliance requirements. NSFOCUS RSAS is available in both hardware and VM subscription formats, ensuring flexible deployment options for your needs.

Product Capabilities

Features of NSFOCUS RSAS

Vulnerability Detection for Comperhensive Security

More than 270,000 vulnerabilities and over 200 new plugins released bi-weekly help you gain complete visibility into the security posture of your digital assets.

Web Application Vulnerabulity Scanning

Employs a dedicated web application scanning engine and over a thousand methods to detect web malware and vulnerabilities.

Insecure Configuration Checking

Automates the discovery and analysis of security configuration issues across a wide range of devices and systems to mitigate the risks of manual operations.

Weak Password Protection

Leverages a vast password dictionary to proactively identify weak passwords across your IT infrastructure to secure against potential breaches.

Automated Vulnerability Verification

Surpasses mere vulnerability scanning by employing exploits to verify high-risk vulnerabilities, providing irrefutable evidence of potential threats.

Cloud Computing Vulnerability Scanning

Extends the comprehensive vulnerability detection capabilities to the cloud, safeguarding your cloud platform components and hypervisors.

Big Data Vulnerability Scanning

Extends the rigorous vulnerability detection capabilities to big data, ensuring your big data platforms and components remain secure.

IoT Vulnerability Scanning

Stands as your unwavering sentinel, safeguarding your IoT devices from a vast array of vulnerabilities.

Container Image Vulnerability Scanning and Configuration Checking

Ensures your container images remain secure and free from vulnerabilities, whether in public or private repositories.

Code Auditing

Safeguards your code from third-party development systems. Supports lexical and syntax analysis of programming languages and has rich built-in defect templates.

Endpoint Agent Scanning

Utilizes an agent to acquire additional asset details for a more thorough and precise endpoint security assessment.

Strategic Advantages

Streamlined Operations and Enhanced Clarity

NSFOCUS RSAS simplifies your security operations by automating complex tasks and providing clear, actionable insights.

Cost-Effective Security Procurement

NSFOCUS RSAS offers comprehensive security functionalities and streamlined assessment processes, reducing your need for additional tools and manual effort.

Elevated Security Proficiency

NSFOCUS RSAS empowers your security personnel with advanced threat detection and remediation capabilities, enhancing their overall security proficiency.

Improved Compliance Adherence

NSFOCUS RSAS helps you meet and maintain compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements.