Anti DDoS System

Service Providers no longer need to rely on null routes to mitigate DDoS attacks. Our Anti-DDoS System is a fast, reliable, and scalable appliance that provides real-time mitigation of DDoS attacks, while allowing legitimate traffic to continue to pass through.

DDoS Attack Protection

Anti-DDoS System (ADS)

ADS is a stateless DDoS mitigation appliance that removes unwanted, malicious traffic.

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Network Traffic Analyzer (NTA)

NTA is a DDoS detection appliance that identifies attacks via traffic flow monitoring.

It uses an innovative, multi-stage DDoS detection engine with more than 30 vectors to accurately identify DDoS traffic from other traffic streams

Anti-DDoS System Manager (ADSM)

ADS-M is a multi-tenant management system providing centralized management and reporting. A web-based customer portal is also included.

ADS-M also supports a customizable “customer portal” designed for providers who desire to offer Managed DDoS Services. This portal allows providers to offer web-based access to their customers for traffic analysis, reporting, and analytics.

Magic Flow (MF)

NSFOCUS Magic Flow (MF) Integrated Network Governance Platform delivers the broadest and most high-fidelity behavioral-based network analysis capabilities, paired with the integration of monitoring visibility, traceability, and threat intelligence.

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Flow Load Balancer (FLB)

NTA-FLB can collect network flow traffic in a centralized manner, and distribute traffic over multiple NTA devices, improving the performance of the overall network traffic analysis solution.

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Active Defense Business Operating System (ADBOS)

NSFOCUS ADBOS is a breakthrough, smart traffic scrubbing scheduling platform for centralized management of all on-premises Anti-DDoS devices and cloud services.

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The ADS is the ideal solution for today’s advanced and evolving DDoS attacks. Available in a range of cost and performance optimized appliances, purpose-built to deliver high quality defenses for Service Providers of any size.


DDoS Threat Detection and Automatic Mitigation

Intelligently identify and mitigate threats, so you can keep your business running smoothly.

Cutting-Edge Anti-DDoS Algorithm Enhanced by Threat Intelligence

The advanced algorithms not only cover mainstream DDoS attack types but also bolster defense capabilities against unknown threats with the support of proactive threat intelligence.

The DDoS Protection Solution That Grows with Your Business

Available in a range of performance-optimized appliances, the NSFOCUS Anti-DDoS System (ADS) delivers up to 400Gbps mitigation capability, catering to network infrastructures of all sizes.

Flexible and Scalable Deployments

Flexible and scalable deployments for any customer architecture or use scenario.

Multi-layered Protection with Minimal False Positives

NSFOCUS Anti-DDoS System (ADS) has advanced protection mechanisms to effectively defend against multi-vector DDoS attacks, delivering maximum security while minimizing false positives.

Real-time Visualized Attack Mitigation

With a tailored dashboard offering extensive visibility, users can delve deep into the attack lifecycle and thoroughly analyze mitigation strategies.